Get to Know Us





We’re a creative agency focused on branding businesses, launching new products and developing tools to tell a story. We partner with many businesses, large and small, to help clients send the right message to the right people. And we do it by creating original ideas and supporting those ideas with top-notch design and impeccable execution. 

Our creative services include: brand strategy, messaging development, marketing consulting, identity design, print collateral, packaging, website design, advertising and all-around great creative ideas. 

We help our clients THINK about the big picture and work together to create a plan for clear, concise communications. Then we drill it down and do the work. We’re thinkers. We’re doers. And we love what we do.


Meet Team Tonic



Jennifer Lake    Founder / Creative Director

Jennifer has over twenty years of experience in the branding industry. Her client connections throughout Michigan are many and her enthusiasm is contagious. Jennifer encourages her clients to think fresh, be effective and always, always, be efficient. (She likes to keep things on schedule!) Jennifer’s skills include account management, marketing consulting, brand strategy, design, copy writing and art direction. 



Christina Schoenow     Senior Designer

 As a creative designer on the team, Christina’s years of experience are a welcomed asset to any project. Efficient in production and effective in conveying a message through her design, Christina also brings a warm, friendly smile to everyone she meets. (She’s just THAT nice!) Christina’s skills include design, brand development, signage and wayfinding design.

Mary Winowiecki     Project Manager/Creative Coordinator

Mary facilitates communication between the Brand Tonic team and its clients — ensuring that projects hum along in an organized and timely fashion with media, printers and advertisers. She dons her creative hat to pitch in with writing, editing (her favorite thing!) and team brainstorming. Mary’s 30 years of experience in marketing communications account for her admitted obsession with grammar, details and accuracy.




Notable Awards


Our most-prized acclaim comes from our happy clients and successful outcomes. We're fortunate to work with wonderful people. But for the sake of our old college professors and design peers who might be looking, here's a list of honors that make our moms pretty proud:

• Print Design Annual
• Communication Arts Exhibit
• Neenah Paper Gold
• Neenah Paper Silver
• Neenah Paper Bronze
• Logo Lounge
• Logo Lounge Master Series
• West Michigan AAF ADDY Awards - Gold & Silver
• Chois Gallery – Packaging Awards
• Graphic Design USA Design Annual
• French Paper Sample Room
• The Dieline